Best Rugs That Go With Blue Couches (2023)

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Blue couches are elegant and sophisticated. They bring out the best in any room decor. As such, these couches need the most compelling rugs to complete the ‘picture perfect’ look for a living room.

A blue sofa is quite versatile and comes in different shades and tones. These can be dark or navy blue, light and cheerful blue, as well as a turquoise blue which is a special shade in between blue and green.

These different blue hues go well with earthy tones, cool pastel shades as well as some bold warm colors such as red, terracotta, burgundy, purple. In addition, the best materials that go well with blue couches are jute, wool, cotton, and silk.

Have a look at the best color schemes between rugs and blue couches for the bright, dark, and turquoise tones.

Best Rug Designs for Light Blue Couches

Light blue couches are gentle and relaxing as the color itself mirrors the sky. These couches offer a fresh beach vibe to any living room they are placed in.

A light blue couch goes well with other light blue rugs, white, gray, warm tones such as orange or earthly tones such as jute and seagrass. These color schemes derive from nature itself, and it’s probably the main reason why they work so well.

Floral White and Blue Rug Paired With a Classic Blue Couch


A blue couch is quite versatile as blue is a primary color. But if you want to achieve a sweet and cozy look, pair it with a rug in a light blue or pastel blue shade.

The light and fresh look of the rug will also make the couch seem brighter. If you want to add a more delicate feminine vibe to the room, however, enrich the decor with numerous pillows in pink and other pastel tones.

This decor style works best when you add other classic elements such as a large central ottoman with golden legs and a pink top. And let’s not forget to do the signature karate move on the pillows to create a living room look that you can be proud of.

Blue Barbed Iris Medallion Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (1)

The washout white and blue medallion rug offers traditional elements that accentuate the sophistication of a blue couch. Its faded design on the other hand provides a mysterious look that adds more character to your living room.

In addition, this rug is made from polypropylene and polyester, two durable materials that are easy to clean. As such, it is appropriate for a living room with a lot of foot traffic, as well as sunrooms.

Blue Wrought Iron Trellis Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (2)

A trellis area rug offers a transitional look that is just captivating. Its faded blue background complements the shade of a light blue couch. The white floral design on the other hand brightens up the space, while also making it feel fresh and cozy.

This rug is soft, warm, and very easy to maintain thanks to its 100% polypropylene composition. It is a great choice if you have heavy furniture and you need to protect your hardwood floors. If that is the case, just place the rug underneath the furniture legs and you will not only provide a strong layer in between the floor and the couch but also complete the room with an elegant trellis design.

Warm Orange and Blue Distressed Area Rug With Light Blue Couch Combination


A blue couch can also be the main element in a tropical-themed living room or give your space that Bohemian vibe you have been looking for. How? It’s easy, just match the couch with a warm orange and blue rug to get a mixture of warm tones. And do not forget to complete the space with fresh plants to get a powerful design.

Orange Plated Regal Medallion Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (3)

The point of the rug is to complement the couch and make the decor seem soft and comfy, and this medallion rug does just that. The sophisticated design brings about a timeless appeal white the distressed look makes it feel vintage and romantic.

This rug is great for small living rooms as it makes the space more vibrant and dramatic thanks to the multiple shades and predominant orange background.

Orange Quatrefloral Tribal Fringe Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (4)

The intricate patterns of the orange Quattefloral tribal area rugs create a rich design that complements a blue couch or even a small armchair. In addition, the multiple shades of the rug offer more depth to the decor.

The combination between the blue couch and orange shades of the rug creates a serene and cheerful vibe in any room. This match feels casual yet sophisticated. As such, it is perfect for a small office.

Best Rugs Designs for Navy Blue Couches

Navy couches are timeless. These couches add sophistication to an interior decor and can become an anchor piece for the rest of your furniture and other elements in the room. These couches look their best when paired with a balancing beige or earthly tones rug. They also spark when paired with a bold red or blue fancy oriental rug.

Quiet Beige and Dark Velvet Couch Combination


The plush beige rug underneath a dark velvet couch offers a balanced look that looks modern and chic. The rug covers a large portion of the floor, providing a beautiful surface where you can sit comfortably.

In addition, its pattern created by thin lines in square shapes provides a creative edge for your elegant living room, making it trendy and inviting.

Blue Reverse Herringbone Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (5)

The blue reverse herringbone area rug is a sophisticated piece of decor that brightens up a space with a dark blue couch. It goes well with any type of sofa upholstery from velvet to cotton.

The herringbone pattern imitates the parquet layout and offers a soft and comfortable layer where you can spend quality time with your family, enjoying board games or simple talks.

What is also very advantageous about this rug is that it requires minimal maintenance thanks to its 100% polypropylene composition.

Off White Chunky Jute Tasseled Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (6)

The off-white chunky jute rug is a precious piece of textile, entirely handwoven in jute. This rug is soft, natural, and intriguing. It offers a new side of jute that is more delicate and softens up the harsh look of a dark blue couch.

This ivory jute rug works perfectly with a cotton dark sofa with wooden legs. It allows you to create an elegant look with an exotic vibe that can help you unwind after a long day at work.

Timeless Oriental Rug With Velvet Chester Couch


Red and blue offer an ultra-dramatic look that certainly makes an impact. The combination between a Velvet Chester couch and a timeless oriental rug is powerful and very charismatic.

This look is also timeless and goes well with many design styles. You can choose to insert wooden pieces to make a statement in your living room or even get shiny marble or steel furniture to create a whole different style that offers the same appeal.

Multi Knotted Floral Medallion Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (7)

This multi hand knitted floral medallion is a luxurious area rug that works perfectly with any dark shade of blue. The sweet, yet elegant shades of red, orange, and terracotta of the rug offer a stunning background for the couch that makes it more prominent.

The contrast between the bold blue and red palette in addition to the intricate patterns and solid color of the couch is intriguing and sophisticated.

In addition, the blended composition of the rug in polyester, wool, and cotton, makes for a durable and soft layer for your floors. It makes you enjoy a plush feel underneath your feet while also allowing your floors to breathe.

Blue Faded Crowned Rosette Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (8)

This rosette patterned rug in blue and gray is a perfect match for a navy blue sofa. The central rosette design of the rug is a timeless element that brings a traditional vibe to your room while the cool color palette makes the entire piece seem contemporary and fresh.

This fancy area rug will definitely make your space more vibrant whether you have a bright living room or a moody one in darker tones.

Best Rug Designs for Turquoise Blue Couches

Turquoise couches have a cheerful eclectic vibe that surrounds them. They definitely pop in every decor they are placed in.

These couches look best when complemented by pale beige rugs or a prominent black and white area rug in contemporary patterns.

Black and White Rug With Turquoise Couch


You can match a black and white rug with a modular or sectional large turquoise couch to get a vibrant look for your living room. The striking colors and patterns of these two decor elements make the room feel artistic and charismatic.

You can add more depth to the decor by adding other bold and warm colors with shiny materials and various throw pillows. This style also emits a vintage or retro vibe that is quite compelling.

Black and White Retro Checker Tiles Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (9)

The black and white retro checkers tiles area rug offers a unique checkers design with a vintage vibe. This rug looks great when paired with a velvet turquoise couch and makes the color of the sofa more prominent.

The rug is plush and warm thanks to the hand-tufted wool fibers. This natural material also makes it durable, healthy, and fancy without becoming too uptight.

Black Alexis Trellis Washable Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (10)

This thin and washable throw rug offers a versatile and contemporary design that looks striking when paired with a cotton or polyester turquoise couch.

This is a one-piece rug, that you can easily throw in the washer when there are spills or stains on it. As such, you can use this rug in your indoor spaces such as sunroom or entryway, or even in your patio, underneath some turquoise sunbeds.

Last but not least, the black Alexis trellis washable rug is equipped with a non-slip backing which makes it safe and easy to stay in place even on tiled floors or wooden decks near a pool.

Beige Natural Rug and Turquoise Sectional Couch


Match a beige rug with a suede turquoise couch to get an elegant and refreshing look for your living room. This color scheme is bright, cheerful, sophisticated, and chic.

What’s more attractive about this look is that it works great in both large and small living rooms, and even in attic rooms with a low roof.

Beige Leighton Vintage Medallion Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (11)

The vintage beige Leighton area rug is a luxurious piece of textile with a medallion design and a sheen finish. It looks great when paired with a velvet or suede couch. In fact, this combination looks fancy without you having to spend a lot of money to achieve such a look.

This rug is made of polyester and polypropylene and has a half-inch thickness that makes it soft and comfortable underfoot. In addition, it has a washout character that looks vintage with a slight shabby chic hint.

Matching this rug with a turquoise couch will offer you a balanced look that is comfortable and romantic.

Ivory Moroccan Diamond Area Rug

Best Rugs That Go WithBlue Couches (12)

You can turn your living room into a Bohemian paradise through the Ivory Moroccan diamond area rug. The plain beige background becomes more playful through the colorful Moroccan diamond design that matches the color of the armchair.

This rug is extremely soft and durable thanks to the 70% wool and 30% viscose blend. In addition, it offers a unique look as it is hand-tufted and impossible to replicate with the exact same details.

Best Rug Designs for Blue Couches: Tips

Blue is a primary color and it is also one of the most used shades in interior design. The reason why designers are so attracted to blue is that it is quite versatile and easy to insert in many color schemes which results in a contemporary decor with a traditional flair. And everyone loves to match a bit of the old with the new!

Here are some final tips on how to choose the best rug for your blue couch so your living room can come to its full potential:

  • Whatever rug color you choose, make sure it does not clash with the shade of the couch. The couch should be the central element in your decor and the rug should complement it.
  • Use a rug with a busy pattern if your couch upholstery is plain, but keep the rug’s pattern simple if your sofa has an intricate design.
  • Choose a grey rug if you are not sure that other colors will work well with your couch. Grey rugs looks great with any type of blue.
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